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GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is used in mineral exploration, mining and geotechnical and environmental studies, and allows information from different sources to be brought together for interpretation and cross-discipline collaboration.


Our skilled GIS team will provide innovative, cost effective and practical GIS solutions tailored to the particular needs of the Client.

Information is a valuable business asset that must be managed appropriately, as it forms the foundation for all aspects of natural resource development and land management. GIS is a discipline which encompasses data collection, verification, interpretation and display, as well as the protocols and methods for data entry and storage. FWS is equipped and experienced in the usage of:


  • Data management and construction of data management systems to facilitate GIS and other end uses such as BIM (Building Information Modelling);


  • Import of legacy data and information from various sources and formats into a unified spatial reference;


  • Interpretation of field mapping, satellite imagery, geophysical surveys, and sampling results from surface, underground and drilling programmes for mineral exploration, geotechnical investigation, hydrogeological studies and environmental impact assessments;


  • Interpolation of data via IDW, TIN, Nearest Neighbour and other geostatistical methods;


  • Production of professional maps and sections to display land use, geology, hydrogeology, geophysics and thematic displays of sampling results;


  • Export of data into 3D models for wireframing, interpretation and input into mineral resource estimation programmes.