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FWS have over 40 years' experience in undertaking geotechnical, contamination, hydrogeological and gas investigations for land development and reclamation over the whole of the UK.  

We provide ground engineering design solutions through the design of value engineered solutions based on pragmatic and cost-effective advice.


Site Investigations are used to assess the environmental and geotechnical ground conditions, evaluate the potential risks identified in the conceptual model and to provide an analysis of the engineering and environmental considerations, issues and concerns related to a proposed development.


Typically site investigations inspect and sample soils, rocks and waters to determine the geotechnical, geochemical, and hydrogeological characteristics that may impact on the design of a development or proposed land use. 

We will also carry out sampling and analysis of material to identify the potential contaminants and geotechnical risks.

We apply current UK best practice and standards including BS5930 and Eurocode 7 to provide technically robust and cost-effective design advice to our clients. 



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