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FWS provide specialist hydrogeological services ranging from the design and implementation of groundwater monitoring programmes through to qualitative and quantitative hydrogeological risk assessments for groundwater management and pollution control.


Hydrogeological studies are often required to plan or interpret groundwater monitoring data or to satisfy planning authorities in their assessment of proposed development activities.


Our hydrogeological services Include:


  • Design and Implementation of groundwater monitoring programmes, including well design, permeability, infiltration testing, groundwater level and quality monitoring;


  • Infiltration and drainage assessments, usage of groundwater modelling packages and predictive modelling to evaluate groundwater remediation options.


  • Preparation of permit applications for pumping tests and undertaking pre-drilling negotiations for deep exploratory drilling programmes, production groundwater prognosis and conducting regulatory negotiation;


  • Hydrogeological investigations and risk assessments;


  • Groundwater protection studies;


  • Groundwater flow, contaminant transport modelling and groundwater remediation design.