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Planning Authorities may now require a Mineral Resource Assessment to be carried out for sites where non-mineral extraction related development may prevent the future extraction of industrial minerals and resources.

Such assessments typically identify potential resources on a site and whether a resource is viable for extraction. This is achieved through an analysis of their economic value to society, their importance to the local and national economy, the risks of potential extraction to the nearby built environment and natural receptors.

If the resource is viable, an assessment will be made as to how the resource can be extracted as practically and environmentally acceptable, in order to prevent the sterilisation of future resource.

Where a Mineral Resource Assessment identifies the need to extract a resource FWS has the expertise to undertake the necessary investigation programmes, remediation design, specification and contract Management to deliver the development on time and to budget.

FWS has over 40 years' experience in providing geological and geotechnical assessments for the mining industry in England, Scotland and Wales.  

All of our Mineral Resource Assessments are prepared on a fixed fee basis by a team of highly experienced Geologists.