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Our consultants provide independent, reliable and trustworthy code-compliant Technical Reports to the resource industry.


Our experience across a wide range of deposit types and commodities enables us to act as the Qualified Person on most major commodities and deposit types.


FWS consultants are qualified to report in accordance with a range of resource reporting codes which include JORC (2012), NI 43-101 and PERC.

FWS are able to support companies through their development programmes by providing guidance and advice regarding sampling procedures, QAQC protocols and drilling methodology and spacing, in order to ensure that all work completed is in accordance with the relevant reporting code and exchange requirements. This allows for a more efficient route to resource development and timely publication of technical reports and public documents.


Our technical reports can be used to assist with public listings, reporting of exploration results and mineral resource/ore reserve reporting. Our reports are presented in a clear and concise manner to provide the client with a reliable, independent and unbiased report.