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FWS provides a wide range of waste management services that incorporate a sound understanding of the marked changes in waste management practices that have developed over the years. These relate to waste classification, pre-treatment and waste disposal, with an emphasis on waste reduction, recycling and treatment. Our skilled team of Environmental and Geotechnical Engineers will provide innovative, cost-effective and practical engineered solutions tailored to the particular needs of the Client.


Our experts can advise on environmental permitting, waste exemption and permit surrender, as well as the preparation of:


  • Site condition reports;


  • Material management plans;


  • Working plans;


  • Construction quality assurance.


We have over 20 years’ experience in gas, leachate and groundwater quality investigations, and long term monitoring programmes related to operational and closed landfills.  We undertake a wide range of risk assessments relating to gas and leachate migration, site stability (geotechnical), hydrogeological impacts and the use/reuse of waste materials (waste exemptions).  Our services include:


  • Classification and assessment of waste to the European Waste Code;


  • Waste minimisation, treatment, recycling and disposal options;


  • Contaminant transport modelling;


  • Landfill design and construction quality assurance services;


  • Pollution inventory reporting;


  • Reuse/recycling of aggregates and other construction wastes;


  • Mining/quarrying wastes.